React Native Development

React Native Application Development

Advancements in technology have brought us into an era, that was beyond the ability of our speculation, decades before. The continuous innovations and development in technology, have made us accessible to different tasks, through few simple and instant clicks. With this boost, it is a common observation to see people, spending most of their time in browsing activity. Therefore, keeping that in consideration and the already achieved grand success of desktop computers and web applications, the developers have put their endeavors in the development of mobile technology so that the smartphones possess the capability of running the same web applications, and this welcomes the arrival of Ionic framework development. Describing in few simple words, Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework which aims at developing hybrid mobile apps, with the help of various technologies like HTML, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript or Typescript, AngularJS..

Course Contents

Introduction of React Native

  • What is React Native and what are its uses
  • Setting up development environment
  • Basics of Visual Studio IDE


  • Node
  • NPM


  • Setting up React Native environment
  • Installation of dependencies for Mac and Windows operating system
  • Basics of XCode and Android studio

Getting Started

  • Steps to create new project
  • Project structure
  • Compiling/ running the app in Simulator/Emulator


  • Adding new pages
  • Adding Push-Pop operation between pages

Tab Application

  • Creating simple Tab Bar application
  • Creating different pages for Tabs
  • Adding Push Pop operation on Tab bar pages

Side Menu Application

  • Creating side menu application
  • Adding pages


  • Alerts
  • Text Field
  • Buttons
  • Action sheet
  • Cards
  • Checkbox

Handling Gesture

  • Initialization and handling Pinch, Pan, Tap, Zoom and Swipe gestures


  • Basic and inset list
  • List dividers
  • Multiline
  • Sliding list


  • Fixed
  • Floating
  • Inline, Inset
  • Placeholder

Other Components

  • Toolbar
  • Segment
  • Search bar
  • Loading
  • Toggle


  • View controllers
  • Action sheet controller
  • Alert controller
  • Date Time
  • Header & Footer
  • Loading controller
  • Menu controller


  • Integration of SQLite
  • Local Forage
  • CRUD (create, read, update & delete)


  • Local notification
  • Push notification


  • Synchronous and Asynchronous downloads
  • Calling GET and POST request
  • Parsing JSON


  • Running app on iOS device
  • Running app on Android device

Packaging and Deployment

  • Basics of Certificates and Provisioning profiles
  • Preparing your app for App Store and Google Play store
  • Uploading app on respective store


    Course Prerequisite

  • Theoretical knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • BCA, MCA or B.Tech graduates
  • Course Duration

  • 45 days
  • Trainers

  • Mohammad Muzammil
  • Vivudh Pandey

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