How mobile app can increase your restaurant business sales


In restaurant industry adding new customers and attending existing customers more is the biggest challenge. Someone may come to your door taste your food and found it yummy. But once he left your shop you don’t know how to contact again until that person comes again to your restaurant.


Before a decade, website was a good option to provide service your customers and having their records in your database. But now, no one has time to check random websites. People are spending more times on smart phones. So! It’s time to change your business model as well.


Here we will discuss how a mobile app can help you to grow your restaurant business with more leads and more customers.

1. Never lose your existing customer

By using mobile app, when a user create account in your restaurant his details like (name, phone number, email, birthday, anniversary etc.) will save in your record. You can give him offers and discount on special occasions just by few clicks. You can also send general notifications like on this valentine’s day we are offering 10% discount etc. Your customers will feel more connected to you when you are sending him personal notifications and messages.

2. Take orders online

Everyone is busy and don’t have much time to visit restaurants and wait for the food. Especially when you are serving the fresh cooked food. By using mobile apps your existing customer can easily navigate your restaurant menu and order online from their home, office or anywhere. You can get the payment either by cash on delivery or online payment option.

3. Send occasional messages

Send occasional and personalized messages to your customers. Like new year, x’mas, valentines’ day party etc. Or their personal occasion like birthday, anniversary etc. You can also send personal messages like last time we visit us before a month and we would like to serve you again. Or you will get this-this much discount on your next visit or anything similar to this. This is all about how much you can engage your customer.

You can also send general notification when customers’ order is confirmed, ready to deliver, out for delivery etc.

4. Give royalty rewards and coupons

You can offer royalty rewards to existing and new customer. Coupons are also trending option. You can generate and send coupon codes to your customers and they can redeem the code in mobile apps and apply the discount which you have given to them.


5. Collect feedback

With mobile apps, you can easily get feedback from customers either on your service or any particular food item. This will help you to fix the issues and work as a reminder in which areas you have to work more. What your customers expecting from you. Giving best experience to your customers should be your highest priority.


6. Increase your branding

Definitely a mobile app can increase your branding. No matter is your business is small or big. You can be easily famous in your town/city by help of mobile app and people around the world will also start knowing you.


Inspired? What to do next?

Hire some dedicated mobile application development team to build your mobile app. Make sure you are getting a quality product in your minimum investment.

How Triffort can help?

If you have any doubts and suggestions for your own mobile app, we will be happy to answer your queries. We have more than 10 years of experience in Mobile Application development and we delivered more than 250 mobile apps to our happy customers.


Feel free to share your queries on or call at +91-8400997550.


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Photo credit Ant Rozetsky


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